A sort of Trinity
2020 (ongoing

A sort of Trinity explores the iconography within religious manifestations and sacred space, based on the concept of hierophany (hieros: ἱερός; sacred and phainein: φαίνειν; reveal/bring to light). The images emerged from the hierophant light and the shadows, evoking religious representations that were present and latent during my stay in Spain. I grew up in a Catholic family that taught me to pray, but as time goes by, I forgot my prayers. With this series, I tried to discover a new relationship based on my thoughts and how things started to present themselves. I depict scenarios as a result of an extension of the collective imagery; The mystic rose, the cross, the crown of thorns, icons that prevail but manifest themselves differently.

The series aims to generate thoughts about the act of faith, the religious, the omnipresent, and the human. The spatial exploration conveys within the sacred, for the necessity of creating a connection and revive the faith.

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